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Expansion Joint

KUMTEK has been involved in the design, manufacturing, and installation of high quality, non-metallic expansion joints kumtek offers a complete range of single and multiple layers, fabric and fluoro- elastomer (Viton or Fluorel) type constructed from best and world-wide recognized materials to overcome varied combination of duct movement, corrosion and particles. Up to year 2014, over 10,000 joints have been installed in power plant, petroleum, petro-chemical, paper, steel, incineration, semi-conductor, and Chemical industries and gained reputation For high quality, durability and economy.

Flexible Joints Manufacturer
↑Base fabrics used

Product Applications Range
  Temperature: ambient to 1000°C
Flow medium: air to corrosive gas
Pressure: -30000 to 30000 Pa
Axial movement: (% of active length)
Compression --50%
Extension –10 to 20%
Lateral –5 to 15%
Above movement capabilities are standards with us.
The joints can be designed to meet specific demands.
Thermal Insulation Jackets

Flexible Heating Jackets
Hot Air Duct Expansion Joint

Flame Resistant Fabrics
↑Furnace Outlet, 850°C

Diffusion Furnace Collar, Thermal Insulation Materials

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Flexible Hose Insulation

High Temperature Materials, Engine Exhaust Insulation

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Diffusion Furnace Collar, Thermal Insulation Materials Fabric Expansion Joints
Basic Configuration of Connection
There are basically 4 types of connection between Kumtek Expansion joints and the duct/pipe line. The choice of the connection are usually depends on the pipe/duct designs and on the operation conditions. Kumtek can accommodate all connection requirements and recommend the most suitable method for best cost justified selection. Kumtek supply scope covers not only the joints but also the gasketing materials and metal parts including, back-up bars, sleeve liners, bolts nuts, duct flanges as well as the fabrication and installation.
Expansion Joint Styles
Based on application conditions, Kumtek offer 2 categories of Fabrics-type joints. The F series are for corrosive flow medium and the A series for clean air. Each series consists of 5 different styles for different service temperature up to 1000°C. Kumtek also fabricates highest quality fluoro-elastomer joints made of Viton B or Fluorel, C-cure system and 100% to FSA Standards.

F Series

A Series

Service Temperature °C

F200 (Fluoro-elastomer)


















In addition to above standard types, Kumtek can also design, fabricate to specific demands for various different application conditions. Kumtek has the access to as well as long term Kumtek relationship with most of world-wide recognized industrial fabrics and insulation materials manufacturers. All joints supplied
have all been proven by track records to be high-quality and most cost effective.
The Corrosion Barrier Layer

Thermal Insulation Jackets Tank Heating JacketFor duct/pipe with aggressive corrosion flow medium and most severe applications, Kumtek adopts the CBF as the corrosion barrier layer. The CBF film laminated on CBF-Flex had been awarded both 「DuPont Plunkett」 and 「Chemical Process's Vaaler Award」 for its outstanding structural strength and stress cracking resistance among PTFE materials. CBF has been considered by the industries as the best corrosion resistance liner for expansion Joints. With CBF film built in Kumtek expansion Joints, you can expect:.

*100% impermeability to corrosive gas
*much longer service life
*resist virtually all corrosive chemicals(PH 0-14)

For normal corrosive applications, Fluo-Flex fabrics are recommended as the corrosion barrier for economic reasons. The Fluo-Flex series are the standard fabrics applied by many expansion joints makers and will also Offer you the desired impermeability and chemical resistance as CBF-Flex.

Insulation Layer and Fly Ash Pillow

Flexible Hose Insulation Flexible Joints ManufacturerThe purpose of the Insulation and Fly Ash Pillow are :
*Protect the joint from being damaged by fly Ash
*Protect joint layer vulnerable to high temp.
*Reduce heat loss through joint
*Noise reduction

In Kumtek, the insulation and fly ash pillow are designed and manufactured to meet above requirements. All materials used including the outer jacketing (ie. Glass cloth or steel mesh) are all proven to be with good resistance to the flow medium and to the high temperature through computer thermal analysis and simulation tests to ensure their fulfillment of above objectives.

ePTFE Joint Sealant for Corrosive Duct
Made of Expanded PTFE, Texseal Joint Sealant are soft, pliable, and compressible offering you
the best sealing effects for corrosive gas duct. The adhesive backing make the installation very easy.
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ePTFE Joint Sealant for Corrosive DuctF Series/